Army Painter “Battlefield Basing: Brown Battleground”

Are you passionate about miniature modelling? The Army Painter “Battlefield Basing: Brown Battleground” is the perfect addition to your toolkit.

Battlefield Basing: Steppe Grass

Welcome to Legends in Miniatures! Elevate your miniature modeling projects with the premium Battlefield Basing: Steppe Grass by Army Painter.

Green Stuff by Army Painter

Unleash your creativity with Army Painter Green Stuff! This versatile sculpting putty is perfect for adding intricate details, filling gaps, and customizing your miniatures. Whether you're creating unique features or repairing models, Green Stuff ensures a smooth, professional finish. Ideal for both beginners and experienced modelers, it hardens completely in 24 hours, providing a durable and reliable material for all your miniature projects. Available now at Legends in Miniatures.

Masterclass Drybrush Set by Army Painter

Ready to elevate your miniature painting? The Masterclass Drybrush Set by Army Painter is here to help! 🖌️ This set

Miniature and Model Drill by Army Painter

Unlock Precision with Army Painter’s Miniature and Model Drill Upgrade your miniature and model building toolkit with the Army Painter