Based in the vibrant landscapes of Australia, DMStash is a team bound by a shared infatuation for the popular game, Dungeons and Dragons (D&D).

In 2021, an intriguing venture took root when brothers Glenn and Sheldon, alongside a group of their comrades, decided to transform Glenn’s imaginative homebrew D&D worlds of Minera and Tharador into something much larger. This was not merely a leisurely pastime, but an endeavour that eventually metamorphosed into a prosperous business that commands their full attention and dedication.

Today, DMStash functions as a cohesive unit of top-tier artists, dispersed globally yet united by a common passion. Every month, they painstakingly create models and artwork that are not only a testament to the richness of Glenn’s original worlds, but also a display of the team’s collective creativity, fervour, and talent.

The team at DMStash firmly believes in the magic of D&D and the power of a captivating narrative, and they diligently work to manifest these elements in their every creation. Their detailed, meticulously crafted miniatures allow D&D aficionados worldwide to elevate their game to unparalleled levels of immersion. Through their endeavours, the fantasy world of DMStash becomes an accessible reality for D&D enthusiasts everywhere.