Introducing Acrylicos Vallejo

With a rich history dating back to 1965 in New Jersey, USA, Acrylicos Vallejo has evolved into a renowned brand for artists and creative professionals worldwide. Originally specialising in producing Film Colour, a water-based acrylic colour used in animated films, we quickly gained recognition among leading cartoon studios in Europe.

In 1972, our founder, Amadeo Vallejo, introduced Acrylic Artist Colour, marking a significant milestone as the first acrylic paint for fine arts manufactured in Spain and one of the pioneering products of its kind in Europe. We also ventured into graphic design by introducing Liquid Watercolour, offering a new dimension to artistic expression.

Building on our success and driven by the feedback of esteemed professors from the Fine Arts University of Barcelona, we proudly launched Acrylic Studio in 1981. This innovative range presented high-quality acrylic colours in larger packaging sizes (200 ml/6.76 fl.oz and 500 ml/16.9 fl.oz), a groundbreaking concept that revolutionised the artist colour industry worldwide. Vallejo created a line of colours that set the industry standard and paved the way for an exciting era of growth by meticulously selecting permanent artist pigments while excluding costly colours like cadmium and cobalt.

Today, Acrylicos Vallejo continues to lead the market with our commitment to excellence, innovation, and affordability. Our expansive product range caters to the diverse needs of artists, designers, and creative enthusiasts, offering unparalleled quality and performance in every brushstroke. Join us on this artistic journey and experience the legacy of Acrylicos Vallejo – where tradition meets contemporary creativity.

Vallejo Game Colour – Washes 8 Colour Set

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Vallejo Surface Primer 17ml

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Wizkids Premium Paint Set by Vallejo: Intermediate Case

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