Welcome to our Star Wars: Legion Gaming Essentials collection. Dive into the immersive universe of Star Wars: Legion by Fantasy Flight Games and experience the thrill of tactical ground combat in the Star Wars galaxy. This category caters to both novice and veteran players, offering a range of original games and premium accessories.

Explore a galaxy of products including the Star Wars: Legion core set and expansion packs to expand your armies and enhance your gameplay. Upgrade your gaming experience with our carefully selected accessories such as professional-grade miniature paints, premium quality brushes, terrain sets, and much more, designed to bring your Star Wars miniatures to life and immerse you deeper into the heart of the action.

Each item in this category has been sourced for its quality and authenticity to ensure it enhances your Star Wars: Legion experience. Unleash your creativity, plan your strategies, and command your armies to victory in the epic Star Wars universe. Discover the ultimate in Star Wars tabletop gaming right here.

Star Wars Legion Infantry Support Platform Unit Expansion

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Elevate your Star Wars: Legion game with the Infantry Support Platform Unit Expansion, now available on Legends in Miniatures! This

Star Wars Legion Lando Calrissian Commander Expansion

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Welcome to Legends in Miniatures, where epic battles and legendary characters come to life! We’re thrilled to present the Star